Season Closing Tournament.

A tradition that has existed for four years in a row and will return in 2020. This year we are all meeting in the Pušynas disc golf course, where we will try to organize really good tournament, as every year. Traditionally, it will be a PDGA-C tier tournament. And as usual, this tournament has the highest payout  compared to other tournaments in Lithuania. This year our best friends from Sweden, LATITUDE 64, also contributed to the sponsorship of the tournament. So we will have a lot of gifts :) 

Tournament divisions

    MPO - Open to all division

    FPO - Women's Division

    MP40 - Masters 40+ years, including the current year


  •     The winners of the MPO, FPO, MP40 divisions will be awarded cash prizes 60% of the entry fees collected. 25% of the best results of each division are awarded. If the winner does not want to receive the prize in cash, he can exchange it for a coupon, shop in the online store
  •     Additional metrix divisions. The top three in each division will be awarded Latitude 64 Established Prizes :)

    Metrix 800 - 869

    Metrix 730 - 799

    Metrix to 729

  •     CTP - 14 basket. (Who will drop closer to the basket on the first throw)
  •     LP - 16 basket. (Who will hit the basket from now on)
  •     Ring of Fire (
  •     CTP after 2 laps, for each division separately.
  •     Eagle Prize. If this is not happens, the prize will go to the lottery.
  •     LOTTERY - all tournament players participate.

One day tournament 2x18.

Registration: Registration opens on September 1st. 12:00 p.m.

PDGA page:

Preliminary tournament schedule:

October 17 (Saturday)

8 a.m. - The course is ready for training

9 a.m. - players' meeting.

9.30 am - Start of round 1

12.30 - 13.40 break

14.00 - start of the 2nd round

17.00 - awards:


For everyone - 18 € + 2 € park fee

For Chilli Disc Golf Club members - 14 € + 2 €

            P.S. To avoid questions about discounts. 60% of the payout amount is calculated from the € 18 entry fee. The difference in the club discount to cover the payouts is borne by Chilli Disc Golf Club itself :)

When paying by bank transfer:

Recipient: Chilli Disc Golf

LT92 3500 0100 0323 1484

Purpose: Season closing 2020, Name Surname, division.


Tournament sponsors: